what are the different types of breakfast in hotel

Breakfast means breaking fast in the morning, usually, it is served between 7:00 am to 10:30 am. This service is very important as the waiter will have to create a favorable impression on the guest to increase their appetite for lunch and dinner. Therefore the service should be good and tactful to the guest pleasant. … Read more

Food and accompaniment list with examples

The food should go with its appropriate accompaniment to improve the flavor of the food or to enhance its richness. The service staff must know which accompaniment will go well with the main dish the guest is interested in having. Every dish has its own accompaniment. What is food accompaniment? Food accompaniment is the side … Read more

14 basic cuts of vegetables with sizes

Every cook should master these basic cuts of vegetables because different types shapes and sizes of vegetables, not only make the food appearance good but also help the food cook more easily, and taste better. Let us look at the 14 basic cuts of vegetables with size. Different types of cuts of vegetables 1. Brunoise … Read more

27 different types of cheese, their origin and uses

Definition of cheese Cheese is one of the by-products of milk. It is prepared from either cream of milk or cream and milk together. Different degrees of heat and pressure are produced in different types of cheese. It is made from cows, goats, sheep’s buffalo milk Types of cheese are classified on the basis of … Read more

Classification of soup / types of soup with examples

 Definition of soup Soup is a liquid food consisting of meat, seafood, vegetables, cereals, and poultry as a base. It plays an important role on the menu and is worked as an appetizer as it stimulates the appetite for the havier food to follow. After the appetizer, it is the second course on the french … Read more

Different types of glassware used in food and beverage service

 F&B service outlets use different types of glasses for serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Glassware contributes to the appearance of the table and the overall attraction of the service area. There are many standard patterns available in the market, although all are primarily designed to meet the needs of the range of drinks offered.   Let us … Read more

Dom Perignon vintage champagne wine

Description: Dom Perignon is a brand of vintage champagne produced by Moët & Chandon, a winemaker, and co-owner of the luxury goods company Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. It is available only as a vintage, and the best grapes are used to produce Dom Perignon. It is named after Dom Pierre Pérignon, a French Benedectine monk, who made contributes … Read more

The ultimate champagne guide/everything want to know about champagne

champagne is french sparkling wine the champagne term comes from the champagne region where it is produced. it is produced under the rules of the appellation. champagne is produced from some specific types of grapes grown in the champagne region of France.  This northwest french territory has chalk and limestone-rich soil that gives the grapes there … Read more

What are the different types of wine

                                       What is wine wine is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermented juice of freshly harvested grapes. It is prepared from both white and black grapes. There are many varieties of grapes produced and not all of them are used in the production of wine. The … Read more

Gueridon service in restaurants

What is gueridon service? Gueridon service refers to a mobile service table or trolley, from which a dish may be dressed, prepared, carved, and flamed in the presence of guests near their table. The dishes served in this service include Crepes Suzette, Caesar Salad, Cherries Jubilee, Banana Flambé, and Steak Tartar.   This type of service … Read more