19 Best whiskey-based cocktails with ingredients

The whisky world is very vast and still expanding, and whisky based-cocktails are very popular among people these days. For making a good whisky cocktail, it should be well balanced of spirit, and with other ingredients. There are many styles of whisky, and each adds its own taste to the mixed drink. Today we will … Read more

5 basic methods of making cocktails with Ingredients

Cocktails are a mixture of two or more alcoholic beverages with other drinks, cocktails basically refer to a mixed drink having one or more alcoholic drinks in its making. all the bars offer a list of selected cocktails and mocktails. However, people have been drinking mixed drinks since alcoholic drinks came into existence, the first … Read more

What are the different types of beer?

What is beer? Beer is a brewed and fermented drink prepared from malted cereals, especially barley. In the brewing process, the malt is extracted from the cereal by infusing it in the hot water which results in the product called wort and the hops are added to the hot wort to obtain flavour and bitter … Read more

6 Basic mother sauces and their derivatives

e mother sauce is basically referred to as any of the basic six sauces, which are the starting points of making many secondary sauces. There is plenty of variety of French small sauces and most of them are derived from one of the six mother sauces. The mother sauce was invented by chef  Auguste Escoffier in … Read more

10 Basic types of cooking methods

There are three basic cooking methods, dry heat cooking method, medium of fat or oil, and medium of liquids or moist heat cooking method. All the cooking techniques come under these three cooking methods, let us look at the infographic below to better understand. Dry heat cooking method In this cooking method foods are cooked without … Read more

43 essential Bar equipment and tools list and their use

Every bar should have essential and adequate equipment and tools to run it smoothly and effectively. Making the drinks like cocktails and mocktails the bartender should have knowledge of using every bar equipment and tools.   Following are the essential equipment and tools list used in the bar.  1. Cocktail shaker Image of the cobbler … Read more

What are the different types of bars in hotels

The bar is first introduced in Great Britain by I.K Burnel who was a British engineer. The first bar to serve alcohol was installed at the great western hotel. Nowadays almost every hotel has a bar where room guests and walk-in guests can easily drink. What is bar A bar is a place where alcoholic … Read more

what are the different types of breakfast in hotel

Breakfast means breaking fast in the morning, usually, it is served between 7:00 am to 10:30 am. This service is very important as the waiter will have to create a favorable impression on the guest to increase their appetite for lunch and dinner. Therefore the service should be good and tactful to the guest pleasant. … Read more