Service of cheese in restaurants

Cheese is served either in place of or after the sweet course. It is best to serve the cheese at room temperature. Take the cheese out of the freezer at least an hour before serving. Following is the service procedure for cheese If the cheese is pre-plated If served from the cheese platter or trolley … Read more

Types of champane

There are several types of champagne available in the market including vintage champagne, pink champagne, Blanc de Blancs, etc. The following are the types of champagne: Vintage champagne It is the wine of a single year, and if permitted to add up to 20 percent of wine from another vintage this can benefit and balance … Read more

Restaurant set-up procedure

Restaurant set-up procedures are a chain of events that take place before, during, and after the service to the guest. The service chain is important for the smooth functioning of the restaurant according to international standards.   The following points are the restaurant set-up procedure 1. Mise-en-place Mise-en-place means Putting in the place. The term … Read more

13 best beer brands in the world

Beer is an alcoholic drink obtained from a fermented brew of barley malt. the average alcoholic strength of beer is 4 percent. Excluding tea & coffee, beer is probably the most commonly consumed drink and the globe’s first and most popular alcoholic beverage. There are hundreds of breweries in the world, each making different types … Read more

7 different types of gin with brands name

Gin is a spirit that is distilled from cereals and flavored with juniper berries and coriander seed. The main gin-producing countries are England, Holland, Canada, and the U.SA. Gin originated over three centuries ago in Holland when Franciscus de la Boe, professor of medicine at the Holland’s University of Leyden.   What are the different … Read more

4 main types of scotch whisky with brands name

Whisky is a spirit distilled from grain by pot still or parent still method. The grain used may be barley, maze rye, wheat, or a mixture of grain in varying proportions. By law, scotch whisky means whisky that has been distilled at a distillery in Scotland from malted barley to which whole grain of other … Read more

A complete guide to vermouth, types, brands, & production

  Definition:  Vermouth is an aromatized and fortified wine, flavored with about 50 different ingredients which include wormwood, quinine, citrus peels, roots, flowers, and herbs,, and sometimes colored, it derives its name from the German word wermut, meaning “wormwood”. Vermouth was first marketed as a medicine for its therapeutic and digestive properties. It is now … Read more