Types of Food and Beverage service

Food and beverage service is the essential link between the guest and the menu (Food and Beverages) and other services on offer in an establishment. Nowadays various types of food of different cuisines are being served in different restaurants. for this reason, servicemen should know the different types of service so that every food can … Read more

Types of food and beverage service outlets

What are the food and beverage service outlets? food and beverage outlets are the places where food and beverages are sold and served to customers. which may or may not to attached to a hotel. There are different types of F&B outlets that have evolved to meet the dynamic demands of consumers. the lifestyle of … Read more

Food and Beverage service – basics

  The F&B service staff should know the food and beverage service basics where they work.   The food and beverage service industry engages itself in the provision of food and beverages, mainly to people who are away from their homes for different reasons. Such people need accommodation with food and beverages if they are … Read more