Room service in hotel

Room service is one of the most important foods and beverage departments of a hotel. The room service department is mainly responsible for serving food and beverages ordered by guests in their rooms. Round-the-clock room service facilities are expected in all rated hotels.

Room service equipment

Room service cabin’s equipment

  • Room service menu cards
  • Room service kitchen order ticket (KOT)
  • Status of guests staying
  • Telephone
  • Room list
  • Computer

Room service menu card

This card features the names of dishes that are available for room service. The room service order taker refers to this card, if necessary when an order is received from room guests. Every room is provided with a room service card for guest’s reference.

Room service kitchen order ticket

The dishes ordered by room guests are transferred to the kitchen order ticket by the room service order taker and sent to the hot plate for collection. Without an authorized KOT, no dish will be sent out by the kitchen staff.

Status list

This gives information on VVIP  and VIP guests, crew, etc. Which help the room service department place complimentary cookies and fruit basket according to the policy of the hotel.



Telephone calls are handled by the room service order taker when the room guests make calls for room service.

Room list

This list gives information on the names of guests staying, their room number, number of guest staying, expected date and time of departure, expected date and time of arrival, which facilitates the room service order taker to address the guest by name, to ensure the order received from the right person.


This displays the room number, name of the guest, number of the persons staying, expected date and time of departure, status of the guest.

Room service trays

Room service trays should have  the following feature

  • Large enough to take minimum requirements, such as coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, toast racks, quarter plates, butter dish, etc.
  • Light in weight for easy handling.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Should not wrap when loaded
  • Stackable

Room service trolleys

  • The trolley is used when two or more portions are to be served in a room.
  • It has expendable flaps at the sides which can be fixed to have more area on the trolley during service.
  • A cabinet is incorporated into the design of the trolley to hold plates.
  • The trolley should be easy to wheel to the service lift.
  • A loaded trolley should be pushed and never be pulled


  • Racks are important to stack trays, crockery, cutlery, and glassware
  • Racks are important to store ready-to-use trays

Dispense bar

Where there are no mini-bars in guest rooms.

Order taking procedure in room service

Guest may directly place an order to the room service department through telephone. The telephone systems of today display the room number when a guest calls up.

  • The phone should be answered within three rings by the room service order taker saying good morning/afternoon/evening room service how may I help you sir/madam?
  • The order taker must verify the room number from the display and may address the guest by his name given in the room list
  • Confirm the order by repeating all the dishes ordered by the guest
  • End the conversation saying ‘Than you sir/madam, have a nice day.


The following information must be taken down while taking the order through phone

  • Room number
  • Portion
  • Order (preference of the guest)
  • Time (when he/she wants to have the order)

Tray set up in room service

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Set up for breakfast
  • The breakfast trays are lined with tray mat/cloth/plastic sheet
  • Breakfast cup and saucer, keep the cup upside down and keep the teaspoon on the saucer
  • Tea strainer with slop basin
  • Suger bowl with tongs, if cubes are taken
  • Preserves dish with preserves spoon
  • Cruet set
  • Side plate with side knife
  • Butter knife
  • Large knife and fork, dessert spoon and fork

Duties and responsibilities of room service order taker

  1. Attend briefing at the beginning of each shift.
  2. Keep the room service area clean.
  3. Attend to the room service telephone promptly, courteously and standards set by management.
  4. Be familiar thoroughly with the room service menu.
  5. Update oneself daily with non-available food and beverage items.
  6. Takedown food and beverage orders as per guest requirements and up-sell the menu to generate more revenue.
  7. Note down the KOT accurately and pass it on to the captain. follow-up on orders if reminded by guests and inform the guest status.
  8. Fill in the sales summary sheet.
  9. Maintain and enter a logbook for any complaints, delays, and suggestions.
  10. update the guest rack or computer with the latest arrivals and departures.
  11. Update the VIP board.
  12. Assist the banquets and restaurants by taking reservations and booking after their closing hours.
  13. Make KOT/checks of breakfast orders.
  14. Ensure utmost courtesy manners when dealing with guests.
  15. Manage guest complaints

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