Function and responsibility of food and beverage service department

People staying away from home for some reason depend on the foodservice industry for their food and beverages. these sectors in a hotel come under the control of the food and beverage service department.

Other than the secure and comfortable accommodation, guests staying in a hotel expect a wide range of hygienically prepared wholesome food and beverages. It is the responsibility of the F&B department of the hotel to provide this service 24 hours to the guests. 

food and beverage service department

The F&B service department is a complex operation involving highly specialized tasks. The following areas come under the control of the department.


The followings are the F&B service areas found in a hotel:
  • Restaurants
  • Banquets
  • The room service department
  • The lounge
  • Bars and dispense bars

All these outlets are managed by the F&B service department and the head of all outlets is the food and beverage service manager


The food and beverage service department consists of the following positions

The food and beverage manager

Job summary

The food and beverage manager directs the operations of the F&B department. He supervises all functions of the kitchen, service areas, purchases, stores, and stewarding.

food and beverage manager


Duties and responsibilities of the food and beverage manager:

  • Formulating financial, catering, and marketing policies and strategies.
  • Preparing the organization structure for his department with a job description for each designation, liaising with the personnel department.
  • Appointing the right people for the right job
  • Preparing a budget for the department consulting the department heads.
  • Planning menus for various outlets in consultation with chefs and the restaurant managers
  • Designing and implementing sales promotional activities to achieve revenue targets.
  • Analyzing sales and identifying markets
  • Studying competitors’ strategies and this market share.
  • Liaising with government agencies
  • Keeping the staff updated on the latest trends in the food and beverage sector.
  • Controlling all three elements of costs – food cost, labor cost, and overhead.
  • scheduling training programs for all the staff of the food and beverage department.
  • Convening meetings with department heads to study the progress of departments and solve problems, if any
  • Ensuring predetermined qualify of dishes and service offered to guests in maintained
  • maintaining a very good rapport with guest
  • Attending meetings called by the general manager.
  • Implementing hygiene and safety standards
  • monitoring the performance of the departments
  • Investment the decision on equipment procurement, expansion of food and beverage outlets, and so on
  • Selecting suppliers for kitchen commodities and alcoholic beverages,



Food and beverage service department structure in Restaurants 

The international foodservice industry uses terms from three different countries, the table below establishes the job title and parity between them across the three-country


American English French
Resrautanr Manager Restaurant Manager Chef de Restaurateur
Senior Captain Restaurant Supervisor Maitre de Hotel
Captain Head Waiter Chef de Rang
Steward Waiter Commis de Rang
Busboy Assistant Waiter Commis de Barasseur


The restaurant manager/Chef deRestaurateur

Job summary

The entire operation of the restaurant is under the control of the restaurant manager. He must have a thorough knowledge of the latest trends in catering operation, guest psychology, and maintain good rapport with guests. 


Duties and responsibilities of the restaurant manager:

  • Preparing a budget for a financial year.
  • developing and implementing sales promotional activities.
  • Setting up a service standard for all dishes and drinks served in the restaurant.
  • menu planning for daily operations and special occasions.
  • Recruiting staff and training them.
  • Establishing good relationships with guests.
  • Handling guest complaints.
  • Evaluating performance appraisal and identifying training needs
  • Purchasing and maintaining restaurant equipment furniture, linen, cutlery, crockery, glassware, and other special service equipment.
  • Ensuring an adequate supply of condiments, proprietary sauces, disposable, and so on.
  • Maintaining a stock record of restaurant equipment.
  • Ensuring good team spirit among the wait staff.
  • Maintaining cleanness and hygiene of service areas.
  • Coordinating with the other department of the hotel.
  • Analyzing sales to know fast-moving dishes, least prefers dishes,
  • Analyzing the most preferred cuisine in the case of a multi-cuisine restaurant,
  • Analyzing seat turnover, average revenue per cover, which helps him in his decision-making process.


Senior Captain, Captains, Hostess, servers, Busboys, and Apprentices.

The Senior captain/maitre d’hotel

Job description

Organize, supervise, and train all service personnel in the restaurant with a view to providing quick and personalized food and beverage service to guests.

The Senior captain/maitre d'hotel


Duties and responsibilities of the senior captain:

  • Preparing duty rota and fixing up a day off for all his subordinates.
  • Inspecting the mise en place and mise en scene carried out by the staff
  • Briefing staff on service procedure and giving feedback on service of previous meals and appreciating service staff, as and when necessary
  • Inspecting personal grooming of staff
  • Assisting the restaurant manager in his duties.
  • Allotting stations to waiters rotating staff between stations, so as to give chance to all waiters to serve
  • all tables of the restaurant and to ensure even distribution of workload
  • Guiding customers to their reserved table and assisting in seating.
  • Taking charge of the restaurant in the absence of the restaurant manager.
  • Maintaining restaurant logbook.
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of restaurants and service equipment.
  • Maintaining restaurant stock.
  • Reporting to the maintenance department about faulty equipment that needs immediate attention.
  • Reporting to the restaurant manager.
  • Coordinating with housekeeping, front office, kitchen, store, maintenance, and accounts.
  • Taking reservations, making an entry in reservations dairy, and keeping this in a correct and proper state of order.

Skills and competencies of the senior captain

  • Thorough knowledge of food and beverage service.
  • Adequate knowledge of food preparation and presentation especially of items on the menu.
  • Knowledge of wines and flame preparation.
  • socially confident.
  • Proficiency in the English language, Knowledge of a foreign is preferable
  • Supervisory skills.

The Captain/Head Waiter/Chef de Rang

Job description

To organize and supervise an assigned restaurant station with a view to providing fast and efficient food and beverage service.

Duties and responsibilities of the captain

  • Ensuring smooth operations of a section of the restaurant comprising up to four stations.
  • Making sure he has adequate staff to carry out work during operations.
  • Checking grooming of the staff working in his section.
  • Briefing staff on service procedures.
  • Seeing that the area is clean and tidy.
  • Inspecting the tables to see if they correctly laid.
  • Checking if the sections have adequate table linen or placemats and disposables.
  • Checking the sideboard if they are equipped with adequate stock required during service.
  • Receiving guests from the head waiter and assisting them to the seat.
  • Presenting menu to the guests, explaining the menu, suggesting dishes and wine, and taking orders.
  • Handing over the order to the station waiter concerned.
  • Supervising his section during service and dealing with any incidents or complaints.

Skills and competencies of the captain

  • Thorough knowledge of food and beverage service.
  • Knowledge of wines and spirits and their service.
  • Adequate knowledge of food preparation and presentation, especially of items on the menu.
  • Socially confident.
  • Proficiency in English
  • Supervisory skills.
  • Trained trainer


The Steward/Waiter/Commis de Rang

Job description

He is in charge of a particular restaurant section with four to six tables seating up to 20 covers.

and to provide quick and personalized food and beverage service to guests at allotted tables as per standards of service laid down and to guest satisfaction.

Duties and responsibilities of the steward/Waiter/Commis de Rang

  • Doing mise en place necessary for his station.
  • Sending soiled table linen for laundry and collecting clean and laundered linen.
  • Lying covers according to meals to be served and restaurant guidelines.
  • Setting up the sideboards with required items.
  • Making sure his stations are clean and presentable.
  • asking order if the head station is busy.
  • collecting food directly either from the kitchen or through commis.
  • Explaining menu items if required.
  • Serving food and beverages to customers seated in his station as per the restaurant’s standards.
  • Remembering what each customer has ordered and serving accordingly.
  • Placing accompaniments and condiments at the right time.
  • Presenting bill in a folder and accepting payment, and returning the change if any.
  • If the bill is signed by residential guests, then singing immediately to the front office, so that it can be charged to the guest’s account.
  • clearing and re-lying the tables.

Skills and competencies of the steward/Waiter/Commis de Rang

  • Thorough knowledge of food and beverage service.
  • socially confident.
  • personable and well-groomed.
  • Physically sturdy to carry heavy loads and be on the feet for long hours.
  • proficiency in the English language and knowledge of the local dialect.
  • A team person.
  • Etiquettes and manners.

Apprentice/busboy/Commis de Barasseur

Job description

They are learners who mainly do the clearance work and help steward in the table set up. They may also be given clearing and wiping of service equipment, mise en scene activities. They will not be asked to attend any of the guest’s tables as they are very new to the job.

Duties and responsibilities of busboy:

  • Report for briefing, well-groomed.
  • Collect fresh linen from housekeeping.
  • Collect, clean, polish, and stack cutlery, crockery, and glassware at the sideboard.
  • Assist steward in table layouts.
  • Replenish water jugs and ice buckets.
  • Check non-available items from the kitchen and bar.
  • Help in receiving and seating guests in the allotted station
  • Pic-up food from the kitchen and deposit it at the sideboard.
  • Provide assistance to steward during service
  • Replenish water goblets of guests.
  • Independently conduct service if required.

Skills and competencies of busboy:

  • Physically sturdy to do heavy physical work.
  • socially confident.
  • Personable and well-groomed.
  • Teams person.
  • Proficiency in the language


A fine dining restaurant where the carving of meat and wine service is carried out, the following designation may be found:


                 The wine butler/the wine waiter

The wine butler/the wine waiter

Job description

He is responsible for taking orders and the service of aperitif and wines, cigars, and cigarettes. He collects orders from the dispense bar controlled by the dispense barman. 

Duties and responsibilities of wine butler

  • Requisition of the wines and spirits from the bar stores.
  • Clean and display the wines and spirits on the wine trolley.
  • Equip the wine trolley with accessories required for service (like ice bucket, corkscrew, napkins, mixers, swizzle sticks, bottle openers, glassware)
  • Present trolley to seated guests and up-sell the wines and spirits.
  • Prepare and serve ordered beverages as per international practices.
  • Replenish orders and remember guest preference.
  • Raise Order Tickets for the cashier 

skills and competencies of wine butler

  • Excellent knowledge of wines and spirits and their service.
  • Socially confident.
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Etiquettes and manners.
  • Personable and well-groomed.
  • Having flair and showmanship.
  • Good selling skills.

meat carving


The carver

Job description

To present and serve prepared roast to guests as per the standards of the establishment.

Duties and responsibilities of the carver:

  • Requisition of the meat roast from the kitchen.
  • Clean and display the roast and its accompaniments on the carving trolley.
  • Equip the carving trolley with the accessories required for service. 
  • Present trolley to seated guests and the roast of the day.
  • Present trolley to seated guests and the roast of the day.
  • Carve and serve ordered meat cuts as per international practices. 
  • Replenish orders as requested.
  • Raise order Tickets for the cashier

skill and competencies of the carver

  • Thorough knowledge of meat cuts.
  • Proficiency in the English language and the local dialect.
  • Well-groomed.
  • Socially confident


banquet hall

Food and beverage service department in banquet

Banquet department functions fall under the control of the banquet manager. It is responsible for organizing various types of formal and informal functions within and off the premises.  Usually, the banquet business is a seasonal business, but the hotel must devise a plan to sell its banquet facilities throughout the year.  

The following are the designations found in the banquet department:


Banquet manager

He is in charge of all the functions of the banquet department.

Duties and responsibilities of the banquet manager

  • Discussing function arrangements details with clients concerning menus, table plans, cost, wine bands, toastmaster, and so on
  • Communicating date of the function, time, number of guests, and all other necessary details to all the departments concerned.
  • Briefing the banquet head waiter about function details and getting it organized.
  • Preparing budgets for the department.
  • Planning menu for various functions at different price ranges.
  • Procuring equipment for banquets
  • Devising and implementing a sales promotional plan
  • Recruiting and training staff


He/she is responsible for the following:
  • The secretary is responsible for the following:
  • Handling all incoming and outgoing mails.
  • Attending telephone calls for inquiry
  • Noting down any inquiry
  • Sending inter-department memos
  • Filing of documents concerning functions

Banquet head waiter

Duties and responsibilities of banquet head waiter the following:
  • Engaging staff on a casual basis for functions.
  • Casual staff is paid by the hour and given a meal. Their services are terminated at the end of the function
  • Maintaining lists of casual staff and their contact numbers.
  • Executing the function according to the instructions of the banquet manager.
  • Briefing banquet waiters.
  • Getting the hall set for the function.
  • Supervising the mise en place.
  • Allocating duty to the staff.
  • Maintaining stock.
  • Maintaining logbook.

Dispense barman

A temporary dispense bar is set up during the function in banquet premises by the dispense barman. He may be either on the permanent employee roll of the banquet department or temporarily sent by the bar for the function.

Duties and responsibilities of dispense barman the following:

  • Collecting stock of alcoholic drinks from the main bar against the requisition
  • Allocating bar stock to various functions.
  • Setting up of bars with necessary bar accessories.
  • Organizing bar staff.
  • Allotting duties to bar staff.
  • Controlling of bat stock and cash during the service
  • Allocating bar stock to various functions.
  • Setting up of bars with necessary bar accessories.
  • Organizing bar staff.
  • Allotting duties to bar staff.
  • Controlling of bat stock and cash during the service



The banqueting head wine waiter

He is responsible for the following:

  • Serving alcoholic beverages during the function. 
  • He assigns duties to the banqueting wine waiters and directs them. 
  • Collecting the cash, if served on a cash basis, from the wine waiter.



The permanent banqueting wait staff

They are responsible for the following:

  • Cleaning and wiping cutlery, crockery, and glassware.
  • Arranging tables for various functions according to the instruction of superiors.
  • Setting up buffet counters
  • Setting up covers
  • Mise en scene activities.
  • Fetching dishes from the kitchen (main or banquet kitchen)
  • Serving guests as per instructions.
  • Personal grooming.
  • Attending briefing.
  • Cleaning soiled service equipment for the wash.
  • Clearing and cleaning halls after the function

Casual staff

They are hired for specific functions by the banquet head waiter.

 They are responsible for carrying out any type of banqueting task assigned to them. Great care must be taken while engaging them as their honesty, behavior, service skill, and so on, will have a great impact on the goodwill of the hotel. After the function, they are paid and dismissed.



They do heavy work such as carrying furniture, vassal, and so on. They are assigned duties by the stewarding department during functions.


Sales administration manager

He is responsible for selling function catering facilities to potential clients. He must have a thorough knowledge of the dimensions of various banquet halls, and their seating capacities for various table arrangements, facilities available in each hall, sample menus at different price ranges, photos of various table arrangements, and so on. 

He is responsible for retaining existing customers, identifying new markets, and for achieving target sales. This designation may come under the control of either the food and beverage manager or the marketing and sales manager.

Room service department


Food and beverage service department structure in room service

 The room service department is responsible for serving food and beverages in the guest’s rooms according to predetermined standards. All the activities of the room service department are controlled by the room service manager.

Following are the responsibilities of key staff of room service department:


Room service manager

He is responsible for the following:

  • Preparing a budget for the department.
  • Compiling room service menu card liaising with the chef and the food and beverage manager.
  • Preparing sales report
  • Analyzing sales for managerial decisions on menu planning and pricing.
  • Handling guests’ complaints and establishing a good rapport with them.
  • Procuring equipment required for the room service department.
  • Recruiting and training staff.
  • Coordinating with other departments.
  • Controlling labor cost.
  • Making sure that the department has an adequate supply of materials and provisions required for room service.
  • Monitoring performance of staff.


Room service order taker

He/she is responsible for the following:

  • Taking orders from the guest and sending them to the room service captain.
  • Suggestive selling.
  • Referring to the room list to know the status of guests, room positions, the validity of the order, and plans in which guests are staying
  • Preparing the bill.
  • Room service captain
  • He is responsible for the following:
  • Receiving orders from an order taker.
  • Collecting dishes from the appropriate section of the kitchen.
  • Checking tray before being taken to the room.
  • Supervising the mise en place activities of the department.
  • Preparing indent for room service requirements and getting approval from the room service manager.
  • Ensuring cleanliness in the department.
  • Briefing room service stewards.
  • Maintaining logbook.
  • Preparing duty schedule for room service stewards
  • Ensuring trays are cleared from rooms.
  • Supervising placing of fruit baskets and cookies in rooms according to the policy of the hotel.
  • Monitoring stock levels of the minibar and getting it replenished if it is the responsibility of room service
  • Maintaining stock of room service.


Room service waiter

He is responsible for the following:

  • Lining trays and arranging them with basic service equipment and accompaniments
  • Setting up room service trolley.
  • Collecting proprietary sauces, disposables, and so on, from the stores.
  • Stocking distance bar.
  • Collecting dishes from the hot plate/still room and arranging them on the tray.
  • Carrying tray to room and serving, if necessary.
  • Collecting signature of guests on bills and handing over to room service order taker, who in turn will send it immediately to from office for charging to guest’ accounts
  • Placing fruit baskets and cookies in rooms identified by the captain
  • Replenishing minibar under the direction of the captain, if undertaken by the room service department.
  • Clearing trays from rooms and corridors.
  • Personal grooming.
  • Informing guests’ complain/appreciation to the captain.
  • Attending briefing.
  • Performing any other work assigned by the room service captain and order taker.
  • Assistant steward,
  • he is responsible for the following:
  • Carrying out mise en place activities
  • Cleaning and wiping cutlery, crockery, and glassware.
  • Preparing preserve dish, butter dish, sugar bowl, Chinese cruets, pickle bowl, and sauces bowls
  • Keeping still room and hot plate ready with necessary service dishes, beverage pots, and bread baskets linen with aluminum foil.
  • Keeping the room service area clean.
  • personal grooming.
  • Attending briefing.
  • Assisting room service stewards in service




Food and beverage service department structure in lounge 

The lounge is an area located near the reception area where guests relax, meet other guests, or wait for rooms to be released. The guests at the lounged may require a food and beverage service. The lounge waiter should be prepared to serve coffee, tea, aperitifs, wines, spirits, and snacks. Other than alcoholic beverage

The following are the duties of the lounge staff.


Lounge head waiter

He is responsible for the following:

  • Taking orders from guests
  • Making KOT/BOT and handing it over to the lounge waiters.
  • Supervising lounge mise en place activities.
  • Preparing indent for lounge service requirements, if separate lounge pantry is available
  • Ensuring cleanliness
  • Briefing lounge service waiters
  • Preparing duty schedule for lounge service waiters
  • Ensuring trays and service equipment are cleared from the lounge
  • Maintaining stock of lounge pantry.

Lounge waiter

He is responsible for serving guests in the lounge area. The duties include the following.

  • Collecting dishes from dispense bat/still room/lounge pantry on a tray
  • Carrying to lounge and serving to guests
  • Presenting bill
  • Collecting the signature of the guest on the bill with the guest’s room number, if he is a residential guest, and presenting it to the front office for charging to the guest’s account. If he is a chance customer, cash or card is collected for settlement of the bill
  • Replenishing lounge pantry under the supervision of the lounge headwaiter.
  • Clearing trays and service equipment from the lounge
  • Personal grooming
  • Informing guests complain/appreciation to lounge head waiter.
  • Attending briefing
  • Performing any other work assigned by the lounge head waiter

bar/food and beverage service out


Food and beverage service department structure in bar

 The bar serves different types of alcoholic beverages to residential and non-residential guests in the hotel. It may refuse to serve alcohol to guests who are under age or are already quite inebriated. The minimum age of a person for alcohol consumption should be followed strictly to avoid any legal or police action against the establishment 

The following are the duties of the bar staff:


Bar manager

The bar manager is responsible for all functions of the bar and the dispense bar. 

The responsibilities of a bar manager include the following:

  • Recruiting staff and training them for bar operations.
  • Monitoring performance and activities of the bar and dispense bars.
  • Supervising alcohol service
  • Forecasting volume of sales.
  • Maintaining a close watch on the movement of bottles
  • Preparing a budget for bar and dispense bars
  • Identifying alcoholic beverages suppliers and procuring from them
  • Formulating control system
  • Purchasing bar equipment
  • Maintaining a record of stock
  • Maintaining the quality of service
  • Maintaining bar profit level in all beverage outlets.
  • Reducing cost
  • Handling guests complains
  • Preparing sales report

Head bartender

He is responsible for the overall function of the bar and his duties include the following:

  • Supervising bartenders
  • Scheduling rota and day off for bar staff
  • Receiving stock from the cellar against the requisition
  • Maintaining a par stock level in the bar.
  • Training bar staff in making cocktails, preparing glasses for drinks, garnishing drinks, service procedure, recording orders, and so on
  • Issuing stock to dispense bar against requisition and bottles
  • Taking and closing and opening stock
  • Maintaining an empty bottles record
  • Assisting the bar manager in his daily duties and relieving him during his day off and holidays


They are responsible for the following:    

  • Mixing and serving drinks to guests seated at the counter
  • Pouring required measured against BOT for bar waiters to serve guests at the table
  • Washing glassware and bar tools
  • Recording sales
  • Receiving cash from guests or getting bills signed by residential guests taking note of their room number.
  • Establishing a good relationship with customers
  • Helping drunken guests
  • Keeping his counter clean
  • Taking opening and closing stock

Bar waiter/waitress

They are responsible for the following:

  • Keeping the mise en place ready for beverage service at the table
  • Recording beverage orders on BOT and collecting them from the bar
  • Serving guests alcoholic drinks at the tables in the bar, restaurant, lounge
  • Cleaning glasses and leaving them for wash
  • Collecting payment from the chance guest or getting the bill signed by the residential guest
  • Keeping tables clean
  • Referring to any complaints to the head bartender

Cellarman/beverage steward

He is responsible for purchasing, storing, receiving, and issuing wines and liquors. He must have a thorough knowledge of wines, spirits,  current trends in the market, control systems, and the entire beverage operations. No drink should be issued without authorized requisition. Empty bottles must be received by the Sellman while issuing stock to prevent possible malpractice and misuse. He must keep records of corky wines and other returned bottles from the cellar for returning them to suppliers for replacement.



Dispense bar

It is a bar situated in a restaurant serving aperitifs, wines, spirits, and liqueurs. The dispense barman is responsible for the entire operations of the dispense bar operations and he reports to the head bartender/bar manager.


Dispense barman

He is responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining a dispense bar with stock given in wine list of restaurant
  • Receiving stock from bar against requisition and returning empty bottles
  • Supervising sommeliers
  • Issuing wines to sommeliers against BOT
  • Pouring required measures of drinks against BOT for sommeliers to serve guests at the table
  • Maintaining par stock level
  • Keeping dispense bar clean
  • Preparing sales report

Sommelier/wine waiter

This designation is found in a fine dining restaurant where wines are served with food. Sommeliers have extensive knowledge of various types of wine and standard service procedures. 

They are responsible for the following:

  • Presenting the wine list to guests
  • Offering wine suggestions, if requested
  • Taking orders
  • Collecting wine against BOT from dispense bar and serving to guests
  • Collecting poured-out sprits and serving
  • Serving leaguers at the end of the meal
  • Clearing table

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