Different types of glassware used in food and beverage service

 F&B service outlets use different types of glasses for serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Glassware contributes to the appearance of the table and the overall attraction of the service area. There are many standard patterns available in the market, although all are primarily designed to meet the needs of the range of drinks offered.

Let us discuss different types of glasses in the F&B service

Types of glasses in F&B service

Types of glasses and their size, and uses

S.no Name of the glass Size(OZ) Uses
1. Cocktail glass 4-5(OZ) For all kinds of cocktails
2. Brandy balloon/snifter 8-10 (OZ) Brandies, B&B, brandy, and liqueurs-based cocktails.
3. Beer mug 10-12 (OZ) Used for any beers and beer-based mixed drinks
4. Champagne flute 6-8 (OZ) For champagne and sparkling wine, effervescence stays longer
5. Champagne tulip 6-8 (OZ) For champagne and sparkling wine, effervescence stays longer
6. Champagne sauce 6-8 (OZ) For champagne, not preferred as the effervescence goes off soon due to wider surface area.
7. Collins 10-12 (OZ) Spirits and mixer, and water
8. Cooler 15-16 (OZ) serving chilled beverages while reducing the need to frequently refill the glass
9. Cordial 13/4 (OZ) used to serve after-dinner liqueur
10. Highball 8-10 (OZ) Spirits and mixer, and water
11. Margarita 5-6 (OZ) Classic champagne cocktail, margarita
12. Old-fashioned 7 (OZ) Used for spirits and mixers. Traditionally called a whiskey glass.
13. Rocks 5-7 (OZ) For serving Whiskey
14. Sherry 3 (OZ) Port, sherry, and sweet wines
15. Port 3 (OZ) Port, sherry, and sweet wines
16. Red Wine glass 8-9 (OZ) For Red wine,
17. White wine glass 8-9 (OZ) white wine
18. Lager/pilsner 250 ml Bottled and draught lager beer.
19. Martini cocktail glass 3-10 (OZ) Martini cocktail
20. Copita 120 ml For nosing whiskey
21. Pony tumbler 4 (OZ) Used for the service of small juices.
22. Pitcher 340-565ml
23. Goblet Usually, we use goblets with red wine, champagne, cocktails,
24. Hurricane 21oz(590 ml) It is used to serve mixed drinks, particularly the Hurricane from which it is named originating at Pat O’Brien’s Bar
25. Irish coffee 10.2oz / 290ml used in many restaurants to serve Irish coffee, regular coffee, tea, or other hot beverages.
26. Shot glass 1oz (30 ml) Used to hold or measure spirits or liquor, which is either imbibed straight from the glass
27. Decanter 250 ml used to carry mixes or can be used as a wine carafe

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