Types of champane

There are several types of champagne available in the market including vintage champagne, pink champagne, Blanc de Blancs, etc.

The following are the types of champagne:

Vintage champagne

It is the wine of a single year, and if permitted to add up to 20 percent of wine from another vintage this can benefit and balance the wine.

Pink champagne

It is either by allowing the skins of black grapes to remain in contact with the must to tint it. or by blending a little bit of the red wine of certain champagne villages.

Blanc de Blancs

It is made from white grapes only ane sometimes may even be labeled as Blancs de Chardonnay.

Blanc de noir

It is made from black grapes only. This is very rare outside the region.


These wines have a little less fizz than the ordinary champagnes. They have about two atmospheres, whereas a complete sparkling wine has about four to six atmospheres or pressure behind the cork.

Deluxe champagne

These are the wines that each establishment considers the best. They may be vintage, non-vintage, blanc de blancs, etc. Some come from very fine vineyards. Dom Perignon is the most famous one.

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