Service of cheese in restaurants

Cheese is served either in place of or after the sweet course. It is best to serve the cheese at room temperature. Take the cheese out of the freezer at least an hour before serving.

service of cheese in restaurant

Following is the service procedure for cheese

  • Lay the cover for cheese, along with a small knife, the
  • small fork is optional.
  • Place the following accompaniments on the table.
    • Cruet
    • Butter dish
    • Celery in a glass partly filled with ice on an underplate
    • Radishes in a glass bowl on an underplate with a teaspoon
    • Caster sugar
    • Assorted cheese biscuits
  • Make sure the water glass is filled.
  • If wine is to be served, serve the wine first.

If the cheese is pre-plated

  • Serve the plated cheese from the right-hand side

If served from the cheese platter or trolley

  • Place a quarter plate on the left-hand side of the guest.
  • Present the varieties of cheese from a trolley or tray to the guest from the left-hand side.
  • After taking the guest’s choice, remove the foil, if wrapped, and remove the rind if it is not palatable.
  • Cut portion with a cheese knife (Approximately 60g/portion)
  • Pick and serve with the help of the cheese knife on the quarter plate.
  • Lift the plate and place it in the center of the cover

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When should cheese be served

According to the 17 courses of the French classical menu cheese is served after savoring before dessert, however, it could be served after dessert also

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