Restaurant set-up procedure

Restaurant set-up procedures are a chain of events that take place before, during, and after the service to the guest. The service chain is important for the smooth functioning of the restaurant according to international standards.

Restaurant set-up procedure

The following points are the restaurant set-up procedure

1. Mise-en-place

Mise-en-place means Putting in the place. The term is used for keeping the right things in the right place for smooth and comfortable service. The server has to ensure that his station is adequately equipped with the service equipment such as glassware, crockery, tableware, and cutlery for service

The F&B staff should ensure the following activities have been done while preparing Mise-en-place:

  1. Prepare the store requisition form and withdrawal supplies such as toothpicks, paper napkins, sugar cubes, etc from the general store.
  2. Replenish glassware, crockery, and cutlery from kitchen stewarding to be stacked at the sideboard for service.
  3. Polish glassware, crockery, cutlery, and metalware.
  4. Preparing all accompaniments, tomato ketchup, mustard sauce, capsicum or tobacco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Chinese cruet-set, salt, and pepper, picked, butter, and preserves.
  5. Polishing and refilling oil and vinegar stand, sugar basin, pepper mills, cayenne pepper pot, etc.
  6. Stock the sideboard with cutlery, crockery, holloware, linen ware, and supplies required for service.

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2. Mise-en-scene

Mise-en-scene refers to preparing the environment of the F&B service area to be pleasant, comfortable, safe, and hygienic. Before each service session, the service area should be made presentable enough to welcome the guests.

The F&B staff should ensure the following activities have been done while preparing Mise-en-scene:

  1. Carpets are well-brushed or hovered
  2. Tables and chairs are served.
  3. Table lights or wall lights have functioning bulbs.
  4. Menu cards are presentable and attractive.
  5. Tent cards and other sales materials are presentable.
  6. Setting the air-conditioning of heating to a comfortable temperature.
  7. Table cloth and mats are laid on the table.
  8. Exchange dirty linen for fresh linen.
  9. Wilted flowers are discarded and fresh flowers have to be replaced.
  10. Clean all display counters and arrange the display items.

3. Table set-up procedure

The table, on which a table cloth is to be spread, should be first covered with a baize cloth. For the following reasons:

  • To protect the guest’s elbow and wrist from the table’s sharp edges.
  • To keep the tablecloth firmly in place.
  • To protect the surface of the table and prevent the noise of crockery and cutlery.
  • To absorb moisture in case of liquid dropped on the table.

What is cover

The cover is a space with proper cutlery, crockery, glassware, and napkins for a person to have a meal. The size of the cover is 18 X 24 inches.

Points to be remembered when laying a table cover:
  1. Depending on the size of the table, appropriate linen should be used. The centerfold of the tablecloth should be in the middle of the table. Soiled or torn linen should not be used.
  2. If a bud vase is used as a center decorative piece, it should not be very large or tall as that obstructs the view of the guests sitting opposite each other. Heavily scented flowers should be avoided, as they affect the flavor of the food.
  3. Each cover should be well-balanced, and only the required tableware should be placed on the table. The cover on the opposite should be exactly similar so as to give a well-balanced look.
  4. Cutlery should always be laid from the inside to the outside of the cover.
  5. Soupspoon and knives should be placed on the right-hand side of the cover, while forks should be placed on the left-hand side. A dessert spoon and fork should be placed on the top of the cover. The side knife should be placed on the side plate and kept on the left side of the cover. The cutting edge of all knives should face to the left.
  6. The water tumbler should be kept to the right of the cover, at the tip of the large knife.
  7. The napkin should be placed in the center of the cover.
  8. Ashtry, bud vase, and cruet set should be placed in between the covers at the center of the table.
  9. Crockery and cutlery should be spotlessly clean and the glassware should be well polished.
  10. Chipped or cracked equipment should not be used. The hotel’s monogra, should be visible to the guest.
  11. All the crockery and cutlery should be placed about an inch from the edge of the table so that they are not accidentally tipped over.

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