Chiffonade(Shredding) cut, meaning, uses

Chiffonade means little ribbons in French, which refers to the little ribbons formed from finely cutting the leaves in this technique.

Chiffonade is a French culinary knife cutting technique used to finely cut herbs or leafy green vegetables, including spinach, sorrel, or Swiss chard, or a flat-leaved herb like basil. Vegetables are cut into long, thin strips.

This technique is not suited to small, narrow, or irregularly shaped herb leaves. Cutting chiffonade requires a consistent, flat surface area for the knife to accomplish the ribbons.

To cut chiffonade stack leaves, roll them tightly, then slice the leaves perpendicular to the roll. The technique can also be applied to thin crepes or omelets to produce strips.

Size of chiffonade: About 1 millimeter wide.

collard Chiffonade(Shredding) cut

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Chiffonade use

Chiffonades can be used as garnishes in pasta, pizza, and salads, You can then use the mint chiffonade to flavor and/or garnish dishes. Sprinkle it on soups, toss it on top of salads, stir it into dips or just use the veggies chiffonade to decorate a plate.

Chiffonaded fresh herbs can be used in many dishes including tomato bruschetta, pasta with fresh heirloom tomato sauce, Mediterranean couscous,

How to cut chiffonade style

  • First stack the leaves flat neatly on the chopping board.
  • Roll the stack of leaves together tightly, simply roll up a single leaf for slicing.
  • Use your sharpest knife to cut strips along the roll.
  • Keep the tip of your knife against the cutting board the entire time, to maintain control and achieve the thinnest slices possible.
  • Now gently separate the shreds using your fingertips, and you will get chiffonade
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