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What are the different types of bars in hotels

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The bar is first introduced in Great Britain by I.K Burnel who was a British engineer. The first bar to serve alcohol was installed at the great western hotel.

Nowadays almost every hotel has a bar where room guests and walk-in guests can easily drink.

What is bar

A bar is a place where alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are sold and served to the customers.

There are various types of bars worldwide but we will go through some of the most popular types of bars in the hotel

Types of bar

1. Public or front bars

It is located in a public area or lobby of a hotel. large in size and reasonable in rates. They are also termed as pub. Food is also is a secondary product, offered in these bars.

2. Lounge or saloon bar

It is smaller in size, more comfortable, and having an intimate atmosphere. It is expensive and meant for elites.

3. Cocktail bars

Ideally seen in international hotels, elegantly furnished and extremely well equipped. They serve various kinds of mixed drinks and cocktails with gimmicks and skills of flairing shown by the bartender.

4. Club or nightclub bars

Very expensive, exclusively meant for elites. They serve lots of table wines with table service but have a small counter with high stools.

5. Service bar

A bar where all drinks are poured and made ready to serve elsewhere by waiter like room service, lounge, coffee shop, etc. This does not have a display counter. It is located in the back of the house.

6. Wine bar 

A bar counter where wines are served in glasses unlike in the bottles at tables. This is a violation of the strict tradition of winemaking.

7. Minibar

In the guest bedroom, a small cellar is added in which an assortment of soft drinks, beers, and some wines are stored. It is customary to keep miniature bottles of sprits also and some dry fruits, liquor chocolates, wafers, etc. The actual consumption is recorded at checkout time and the bill is made accordingly.

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