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43 essential Bar equipment and tools list and their use

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Every bar should have essential and adequate equipment and tools to run it smoothly and effectively. Making the drinks like cocktails and mocktails the bartender should have knowledge of using every bar equipment and tools.

bar equipment and tools

Following are the essential equipment and tools list used in the bar. 

1. Cocktail shaker

Cocktail shaker
Image of the cobbler shaker

Cocktail shaker is used in bars to mix drinks (like Cocktails, Mocktail) by shaking. It is basically made of stainless steel, plastic, glass.

Ingredients are placed in a sealed shaker such as liquors, syrups, fruit juices, and ice.  After vigorously shaking and mixing the drink, shakers allow for easy pouring into the customer glass.

There are three varieties of cocktail shakers are there

A) The Boston shaker: A two-piece shaker consisting of a 28 imp fl oz (800 ml) metal bottom and a 16 imp fl oz (450 ml) mixing container made of plastic, metal, or (more traditionally) glass.

B) The Cobbler Shaker: A three-piece cocktail shaker that has tapers at the top and ends with a built-in strainer and includes a cap. The cap can often be used as a measure for spirits or other liquids.


C) The French Shaker: A two-piece shaker consisting of a metal bottom and a metal cap. A strainer is always required for this type of shaker.



2. Cocktail strainer

Cocktail strainer
An image of Hawthorne strainer

Cocktail strainer is normally used to remove ice from mixed drinks as it is poured into service glass. The strainer is placed over the mouth of the shaker or glass in which drinks were prepared, small holes in the strainer allow only drinks to pass as it is poured into the service glass.

There are two common types of cocktail strainer are there

A) Hawthorne strainer: It is a disc with a handle and two or more stabilizing prongs. A metal spring fixed around the edge of the rim rolls inward to fit inside the glass.

B) Julep strainer: It is shaped like a bowl with a handle and will fit tightly into a mixing glass or shaker when inserted at the proper angle. Liquid passes through holes or slits in the bowl.


3. Waiter’s friend/Corkscrew

Image of Waiter’s friend/corkscrew

A most popular corkscrew used by service staff with a knife on one side, nick grip on the other side, and a lever in between, the spiral at one end. This is a crossbar-type lever. It requires a strong hand to operate. It should have the perfect shape for operation. It goes out of shape very soon.

Corkscrew is basically used for drawing the corks from wine bottles, it is consists of a pointed metallic helix (often called the “worm”) attached to a handle, which the user screws into the cork and pulls to extract it.

3. Wing,s Screw/Geared Wings

Wing,s Screw/Geared Wings
Wing,s Screw/Geared Wings



Easy to handle with great mechanical advantage by pressing downwards both the arms. This can be carried in pockets by a wine waiter.

4. T-Shape wooden screw

T-Shape wooden screw
Image of T-Shape wooden screw

It is very simple, very difficult to use. Mostly the bottle is held within the grip of two knees, forcibly the cork is dragged upward with a loud pop. Spilling is often seen. For red wine with sediments, this cannot be used.


5. Bottle opener

Bottle opener
Image of crown cork opener

It is used for the removal of metal bottle caps from the glass bottle.

There are many varieties of bottles opener available in the market

  • Crown cork opener
  • Speed opener (bar blade)
  • Wall-mounted opener
  • Multy-opener

6. Thimble measure/Peg measure/Jigger

Peg measure
Peg measure/Jigger
It is used to measure the amount of liquor, a measure used in mixing drinks that usually holds 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60 milliliters). It has two sides one is large, and another is small


7. Bar spoon

Bar spoon
 Examples of Bar spoon

It is a long-handled spoon for stirring in mixing bar glass.

8. Muddler

Image of Muddler


A cocktail muddler is an essential bar accessory when striving to make the best drinks. It is used to mash or muddle fruits, herbs, and spices in the bottom of a glass to release their flavor.


9. Wine Cradle

Wine Cradle
Image of Wine Cradle

A wine cradle is basically used to hold the wine bottle as the image showing above,

10. Bench corkscrew

Bench corkscrew
Image of Bench corkscrew

It is bench wise to hold the corkscrew, to hold the corkscrew, then with a piston corkscrew is pushed down and pulled up to extract the cork while going in the corkscrew moves to pierce through the cork but while pulling up its staus stationary and the cork is extracted thus. It is used in the dispense bar.

11. Broken cork extractor

Broken cork extractor
Image of Broken cork extractor

It is like a trident with a handle. When inserted, there is a grip that traps the cork inside and the reverse prongs bites the cork from the bottom. Thus the cork is pulled out.

12. Vegetable knife and chopping board

Vegetable knife and chopping board
Image of Vegetable knife and chopping board

A sharp stainless steel knife for cutting citrus fruits as garnishes with a Teflon chopping board with protruding edges to prevent fruit juices from flowing out.

13. Melon baller

Melon baller
Image of Melon baller

Melon ballers are used to make balls of melon from a scoop with a diameter from around 1 centimeter to 3 centimeters (about 3/8 inch to 1 inch).

14. Peeler

Image of Peeler

It is consists of a metal blade with a slot with a sharp edge attached to a handle, used to remove skins of vegetables or fruits, or to create a ribbon of vegetables or fruits.

15. Lemon zester machine (Grater)

Lemon zester machine (Grater)
Image of Lemon zester machine (Grater)

It is used for peeling lemon and other vegetable skins.

16. Fruit squeezer

Fruit squeezer
Fruit squeezer

Made of glass, plastic stainless steel manually operated, lever-operated, and electrically operated. Fruit squeezes are becoming very important in modern bars as fresh fruits are becoming more popular than ever before.

17. Coasters

Image of Coaster

Coasters have different meanings, one for the bottles made of silver or stainless steel, one for the glasses made of pepper mats or blotting paper. Frequently coasters are supplied by beer products for advertisement.

18. Optics/Optic measure

Optic measure
Image of Optic measure

These are inserted on bottlenecks for smooth flow but some of them have the unique feature of pouring exactly 30 or 60 ml. Every time it is invented on a glass. Better ones, once inverted, intermittently pour a drink exactly the same quantity after a fixed pause. In India, optic measures are neither recognized nor standby excise department and by weight and measure department. However, for mixing cocktails or parties where drinks are sold in turns of bottles, they can be used unofficially.

19. Wine cooler

Wine cooler
Wine cooler

Made of glittering silver or barrel-shaped wooden bucket for chilling champagne, white, and rose wines.

20. Ice bucket/Pail

They come in combination with an ice tong and bottom strainer used while serving sprit at the table.

21. Tongs

Tongs are basically used in bars to lift the ice scoop from the bracket into service glass.

22. Ice crushers

Ice crushers
Image of Ice crushers

For crushing ice when needed to prepare cocktails or mocktails such as mojito.

23. Ice cube making machine 

Ice cube making machine
 Image of Ice cube making machine 

For a bar small machine is suitable with continuous production as cubes are made and stored for long, assimilate on each other and become lumpy. There are different shapes of ice cubes. In modern bars cubes are replaced with pellet-shaped ice.

24. Ice scoop

Ice scoop
Image of Ice scoop

Ice scoops are used for a variety of ice handling tasks. An ice scoop can be used to fill glassware with ice on the buffet line or at the bar.


25. Iceboxes 

Image of Iceboxes 

For storing broken and shaved or readymade ice cubes.

26. Refrigerator

Image of Refrigerator


For storing fruits, vegetables, juices, syrups, cream, cheese, egg yolk, egg white, dry fruits, milk, sauces.

27. Wine chiller

Wine chiller
Image of Wine chiller

Refrigerated bottle holders with regulated temperature for champagne, white and rose wine, beer.

28. Tobacco cupboard or Humidor

Image of Humidor

For storing cigars, cigarettes, and other tobacco products.

29. Cigar cutter

Cigar cutter
Image of Cigar cutter

It is used to cut one end off a cigar so that it could be smoked properly.

30. Ashtray

Image of Ashtray

An ashtray is a receptacle for ash from cigarettes and cigars.

31. Rimmer

Image of Rimmer

Rimmer is used to apply sugar and salt to the rim of a glass. It usually consists of one or more shallow plastic or metal discs that the glass is turned upside down into. 


32. Champagne stopper

Champagne stopper
Champagne stopper

It is made of stainless steel, it is basically used to seal the champagne bottle immediately after it is opened, it creates a tight seal on the bottle. The seal gets tighter as the gas from the wine pushes against it.

33. Funnel and strainer

Funnel and strainer
Image of Funnel and strainer

Both are used for straining juices or pouring liquid from one container to the other.

34. Bar mat

Bar mat
Image of Bar mat

Drinks are prepared on this mat to prevent spills and protect the wet glasses from the surface of the bar. It is made of thick and heavy rubber, as they are small in size easy to wash in the basin.

35. Glass washing machine

Image of Glass washing machine

Glass washing machine is used to wash the bar glasses after use them.

36. Ice trough with drainer

Ice trough with drainer
Image of Ice trough with drainer

37. Sink unit 

Sink unit
Image of Sink unit 

38. Spirits dispenser

Spirits dispenser
Spirits dispenser

39. Swizzle stick

Swizzle stick
Image of Swizzle stick

40. Cocktail stick

Cocktail stick
Cocktail stick

41. Straws


42. Cleaning equipment

i) Dishcloth: Sanitized and dried before use

ii) Swabs

iii) Dispense cloth

iv) Glass cloth made of linen to prevent lint from spreading on the glass.

v) Brushes Soft brushes for cleaning glasses without scratching and hard brushes for cleaning washbasin and sinks.

vi) Woolen mops for cleaning floors

vii) Service cloth/Waiter,s cloth

viii) Cleaning material: Water, soap, detergent, abrasives, solvent, polishes, and bleaches.

ix) Dustpan and brush.

43. Types of glassware used in bar

  • Cocktail glass
  • Brandy balloon/snifter
  • Beer mug
  • Champagne flute
  • Champagne Tulip
  • Champagne sauce
  • Collins glass
  • Cooler glass
  • cordial glass
  • Highball
  • Margarita
  • Old-fashioned
  • Rocks
  • Sherry
  • Port,
  • Red Wine glass
  • white wine glass
  • Lager/pilsner

For more  about glassware please visit: Different types of glassware used in food and beverage service

43 essential Bar equipment and tools list and their use PDF download

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