Food and accompaniment list with examples

The food should go with its appropriate accompaniment to improve the flavor of the food or to enhance its richness. The service staff must know which accompaniment will go well with the main dish the guest is interested in having. Every dish has its own accompaniment.


What is food accompaniment?

 Food accompaniment is the side dish that serves with the main dish, it complements the main food and enriches its taste and flavor. Food accompaniment can be an integral part of the dish or served separately.

food and accompaniment

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We will discuss some list of food and their usual accompaniment

    Accompaniment of appetizer ( Hors-d-oeuvre) 

    Food Accompaniment
    Grapefruit cocktail Castor sugar
    Oyster Oyster cruet (Cayenne pepper, pepper mill, chilly vinegar, tobacco sauce) Hot brown bread and butter, segment of lemon.
    Caviar Blini (Russian pancake), Hot breakfast toast and butter, chopped egg yolk and egg white, chopped shallots, segment of lemon.
    Tomato juice Worcestershire sauce
    Snail Brown bread and butter
    Smoked salmon Cayenne pepper, pepper mill, segment of lemon, brown bread, and butter.
    Asparagus Hot-Hollandaise sauce, Cold-vinaigrette
    Globe artichoke Hot-Hollandaise sauce, Cold-vinaigrette
    Avocado Brown bread and butter
    Chilled melon Ground ginger, castor sugar
    Shellfish cocktail Brown bread and butter.

    Accompaniment of soups (potage)

    Food Accompaniment
    Cream of tomato soup Croutons (Small pieces of bread, toasted or fried.)
    French onion soup Grilled flutes, Grated parmesan cheese
    Bouillabaisse A thin slice of bread dipped in oil and grilled
    Turtle soup Brown bread and butter, a segment of lemon, cheese straw.
    Cock-a-leekie Garnished with shredded leek and chicken served with prunes.
    Minestrone Grated parmesan cheese and grilled flutes.
    Consomme Consomme could be named by their garnishes.
    Consomme Breton Juliennes of celery, onion, and leeks.
    Brunnoise Small diced vegetable
    Dubarry Flowerettes of cauliflower.
    Florentine Juliennes of blanched spinach
    Julienne Juliennes of cut vegetables.
    Madrilene Tomato diced and green peas    
    Paysanne Uniform size of fresh-cut vegetables
    St. Germain Fresh green peas
    Celestine Julienne of thin pan cake
    Cereals Rice and Barley
    Egg drop Pour into the boiling consomme beaten egg
    Royal Dices of savory egg custard
    Vermicelli Fine pasta

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    Accompaniment of fish

    Food Accompaniment
    Fried fish ( which has been breadcrumbed) Tartar sauce or another mayonnaise-based sauce.
    Deep-fried (which has been dipped in butter) Tomato ketchup and french fried sometimes offered
    Grilled fish Hot- Hollandaise sauce    Cold- Mayonnaise sauce 
    Poached fish Hot- Hollandaise sauce    Cold- Mayonnaise sauce 
    Grilled herring Mustard sauce.
    Poached Salman Hollandaise sauce, mousseline sauce (hollandaise mixed with whipped cream)
    Crayfish Mayonnaise sauce
    Cold lobster Mayonnaise sauce
    White bait Cayenne pepper, pepper mill, segment of lemon, brown bread, and butter.

    Accompaniment of meat

    Food Accompaniment
    Roast beef Horseradish sauce, Yorkshire pudding, roast gravy
    Roast lamb Mint sauce, Roast gravy
    Roast Mutton Red currant jelly, onion sauce, roast gravy
    Roast pork Apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing, roast gravy
    Roast chicken Bread sauce, parsley, and thyme stuffing, game chips, watercress, roast gravy
    Roast duck Apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing, roast gravy
    Roast goose Apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing, roast gravy
    Roast turkey Cranberry sauce, chestnut stuffing, chipolata sausage (Pork sausage thin and small twist), Watercress, roast gravy
    Roast venison Cumberland sauce, red currant jelly, roast gravy
    Boiled mutton Caper sauce
    Boiled beef Turned root vegetable, liqueur, rock salt
    Mixed grilled and grilled steak Tomato ketchup, mustard, fried potato, watercress
    Stew Worcestershire sauce, pickled red cabbage.

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