12 Best bitters for cocktails

¬†What are the bitters? Bitters are spirits flavored with herbs, bark, roots, spices, and fruits. All the bitters are bitter in taste, thus, making them perfect for an aperitif. There are two types of bitters- flavors and beverage bitters. Flavors are used in minute quantities to flavor cocktails, such as angostura, peach, and orange bitters. … Read more

19 Best whiskey-based cocktails with ingredients

The whisky world is very vast and still expanding, and whisky based-cocktails are very popular among people these days. For making a good whisky cocktail, it should be well balanced of spirit, and with other ingredients. There are many styles of whisky, and each adds its own taste to the mixed drink. Today we will … Read more

5 basic methods of making cocktails with Ingredients

Cocktails are a mixture of two or more alcoholic beverages with other drinks, cocktails basically refer to a mixed drink having one or more alcoholic drinks in its making. all the bars offer a list of selected cocktails and mocktails. However, people have been drinking mixed drinks since alcoholic drinks came into existence, the first … Read more